The Miraculous Journey

The Miraculous Journey

Damien Hirst

216 tonnes of bronze

180 metres in length

Permanently sited at Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Doha, Qatar in 2013.

■ Three intense years in the making from maquette to site; the sculptures were enlarged, cast and constructed from over 500 bronze panels.

■ Weighing a staggering 216 tons altogether, the bronze panels were stitched together with an overall 19 kilometre long weld.

■ Too large to transport in one piece a 15 strong team were sent out to Qatar over a period of two years to assemble and finish each element.

■ At 180 metres, the sculptures collective length, this bronze dwarfs even Damien’s tallest sculpture, the 20.4 metre tall Verity in Ilfracombe.

■ Every one of our 110 plus team has been involved in different aspects of the making of this colossal project which is already destined to become an international cultural icon in the spirit of the statue of Liberty and the Sphinx of Egypt.

The Miraculous Journey